Eves New Year                     Woman                         Director Jhake Wells  - Outtra Pictures

Steps to Perfection    Lead - Kerry Post        
Director Nick Dossett/ Red Pictures

John's Hand Cream             Susan                           
Director Alan Cornish/ CRAC Productions

N.A.M.                                    Lady Diana                  
Director Nick Dossett/ Red Pictures

Now                                        Woman                        
Director Jhake Wells/ Outtra Pictures

Turning Ten                           Daughter                      
Director Ben Fisher/ Curious Films

Support Group Addicts       Toni                               
Director Angelique Kasmara/ Addictive Films

The Last Straw                     Samantha                    
New Zealand Film Academy

Little Butterfly                        Liz                                 
Director Josh Young/ Castlelake Studios

Opening Night                      Mother                          
Director Josh Young/ Castlelake Studios

Lethal Chicks                       Lethal Chick                 
Hippo Productions

Two Worlds                          Chrissie                        
Director Peter Haynes/ Haynes Films

All I Got                                 Carol                             
Director Josh Young/ Castlelake Studios

Direct Line                           Brandy                           
Director Simon Raby/ Hippo Productions

Rockqueste                          Woman                         
Director Peter Haynes/ Haynes Films

The Cure                               Patient                          
Trigold Films

Wattle Grove                        Julie                               
Auckland Film Institute

Shortland Street                  Heidi Dunlop                 
Director Wayne Tourell/ South Pacific Pictures

Sex Talks - TV Doco          Actor                               
Isola Films

Shortland Street                  Fran Lawrence              
South Pacific Pictures

Mercy Peak                         Townie Chick                 
South Pacific Pictures

Shortland Street                  Pregnant Woman          
South Pacific Pictures

Sanitarium So Good             Lead
Bluebird Chips                       Lead

Live street theatre/ Suit Characters
Dreamworld Entertainment

Charlie                                     Anna Sutherland        
Director Fleur Fitzpatrick/ Twin Engine Theatre

Shakers and Bouncers          Mel                              
Director Sid Mannion/ Mairangi Players

Beautiful Bodies                     Sue Carol                   
Director Robyn Donnelly/ Mairangi Players

This Side of There                  Gayle                          
Director Mark Ingram / Hippo Productions

Funeral Party                           Tanya                          
Ila Selwyn/ Titirangi Players

This is It                                    Core cast                   
Director Mike Mizrahi

Recovery Room                      Sister Theresa           
Director John Goudge/ Titirangi Players

Grease                                     Jan                              
Director Gina Peverley/ Orange County High School USA

One Act Play Festival             Core Cast                  
Director Gina Peverley/ Orange County High School USA - Winners of Comp

The Food Goes in the Top     Sally                            
Northland Youth Theatre

Conflict Resolution                  Actor/ Trainer              ICON Security
Armed Hold up Training          Actor/ Trainer              ICON Security
Murder Mystery Dinners          Core Cast                   Guilty Parties

Milton Justice (New York Acting Tutor)                     
Stella Adler technique                                   
56 Hours Intensive

Valerie McCaffrey (Los Angeles Director/ Casting Director)
Intensive Directing - 5 day intensive retreat

Bert Van Dijk                                                               
Chekov Technique/ Physical Theatre          
Weekend Workshop

Academy of Screen Performance (Gold Coast)     
Star Retreat   - 5 day intensive Retreat

Keren Leclair Green                                                   
Teachers Training Programme

Keren Leclair Green                                                   
Stanislavski Method         500 hours +

Nick Piper/ Dean Carey/ Brett Wood/ Martin Murphy/ Mathew Emond/ Jennifer Kent                  8 Weeks Actors Centre

Billy Millionis                                                                
Meisner Technique   - 8 Weeks

Jeremiah Comey (LA)                                                
Jeremiah's Technique                             

Sally Spencer Harris                                                   
Eric Morris etc  -   30 weeks

Dean Carey and Brett Wood                                     
RAP (Actors Centre)                                     
Weekend Intensive, + 12 month support programme

John Goudge                                                               
All round Drama  - 1 year

Ilona Rodgers                                                              
Acting for the Camera -  18 weeks

Maggie Maxwell                                                          
Acting for the Screen                                      
6 weeks + private tuition

Linda Cartwright                                                          
Speaking for the Stage and Screen             
9 weeks + private tuition

Merv Smith/ Ted Anderson/David England/Nigel Horax    Commercial Broadcasting Course    
Auckland Technical Institute

Gina Peverley                                                              
Letter in High School Drama - 1 year

David Wray                                                                  
TV & Film Acting Course -  10 Weeks

Jay Lagaaia                                                                 
Auckland Tec Performance Course  - 10 Weeks

Northland Youth Theatre                                             
Full time drama and Production                    
8 weeks full time


What you should know


Jeanene Tracy


Actor/ Writer/ Director/ Teacher

age range:

35-45 years approx


Life Coach, Workshop Facilitator - Motivational Workshops, Acting Coach, Reiki Practitioner, NLP Master Practitioner, Hypnotherapist, Mentor for Teens, Police Clearance for working with Children, Children's Drama Coach, Business Owner, Mother of 2 Girls - Preteen and Teen

Personal Motto:

“I provoke change through creative inspiration”


All About Me